MedComm Introduction

MedComm is a peer-reviewed, online open access (OA) journal. The journal publishes a wide variety of works that provide novel insights into all aspects of medicine on the basis of novelty, timeliness



Molecular Biomedicine Introduction

Molecular Biomedicine is a peer-reviewed, online open access (OA), multidisciplinary journal that publishes the pioneer works of biomedicine, emphasizing on pathogenic mechanism and innovative


Mol Biomed

Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy Introduction

Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy is an open access journal, which aims to accomplish timely publication of the latest discoveries and progress in both basic science and clinical research



MedComm-Future Medicine | Advancing systemic disease diagnosis through ophthalmic image-based artificial intelligence

Interconnections between the eye and systemic health. This schematic illustrates the correlations between the eye's blood vessels, nerves, biochemical processes, immune response, genomic, proteomic, a....


MedComm-Biomaterials and Applications | Comparison of antimicrobial properties of inorganic peroxide polymer composites

Scanning electron micrographs captured at a ×500 magnification illustrating the microstructure of the control and experimental films: (A) control, (B) calcium peroxide, (C) magnesium peroxide, and (D)....


MedComm-Oncology | Targets of tumor microenvironment for potential drug development

Potential drug targets in tumor cells, immune cells, stromal cells, and the extracellular matrix (ECM) compartment of the TME. CAF, cancer associated fibroblast; TECs, tumor endothelial cells; NK cell....


MedComm-Future Medicine | Computed tomography-based artificial intelligence in lung disease—Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

The workflow of computed tomography (CT)-based artificial intelligence applied in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) management. Features of emphysema and bronchial tree will be extracted by....


MedComm-Biomaterials and Applications | Management of peripheral nerve injuries using natural based biomaterials and their derivatives: Advances and prospective

The schematic diagram shown above depicts the drug distribution composite scaffold with a sandwich-like structure. (Figure is drawn from Bio render software).The management of peripheral nerve injurie....


MedComm-Oncology | The hidden architects of glioblastoma multiforme: Glioma stem cells

Cell of origin of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). There has always been a controversy in regard to the origination of GBM. While the precise cell of origin remains elusive, evidence suggests that neura....