MedComm-oncology | NKT cells contribute to alleviating lung metastasis in adenoid cystic carcinoma

UMAP image of three cases of primary and metastatic tumors. (A) Primary lesion, inflammatory phenotype without MYB-NFIB fusion. (B) Primary lesion, immune-exclusive phenotype with MYB-NFIBSalivary ade....


MedComm-oncology | Precision gas therapy by ultrasound-triggered for anticancer therapeutics

Schematic overview of ultrasound-triggered gas therapy. Under ultrasound irradiation, the gas released molecules are released gases, for example, NO, O2, CO, CO2, for tumor therapy.In recent years, ul....


MedComm-oncology | Fatty acids in cancer: Metabolic functions and potential treatment

Fatty acid (FA) metabolism in cancer cells. FAs can be de novo synthesized from citrate via ATP citrate lyase (ACLY), acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC), and FA synthase (FASN). Exogenous FAs can enter cell....


MedComm-oncology | Insight on the cellular and molecular basis of blood vessel formation: A specific focus on tumor targets and therapy

The two major angiogenic signaling pathways involved in vessel formation. Schematic representation of sequential events that take place under activation of angiogenesis. The paradigm follows the activ....


MedComm-oncology | Morus alba derived Kuwanon-A combined with 5-fluorouracil reduce tumor progression via synergistic activation of GADD153 in gastric cancer

Schematic illustrating the potential pathway associated with the apoptosis-inducing effect of Kuwanon-A (KA) and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) on gastric cancer (GC) cells.Despite the application of conventio....


MedComm-oncology | Oncolytic virotherapy using neural stem cells as a novel treatment option for glioblastoma multiforme

Oncolytic virus (OV) activation of both systemic and local antitumor immunity. After OV infection, cell death, and the release of tumor-associated antigens, tumor-specific immune responses increase an....


MedComm | M2-like macrophage-derived exosomes facilitate metastasis in non-small-cell lung cancer by delivering integrin αVβ3

A high integrin αVβ3 level is associated with non-small-cell lung cancer metastasis and a poor prognosisMetastasis is the most prevalent cause of cancer deaths, and immunological components of the tum....



MedComm | Targeting inorganic nanoparticles to tumors using biological membrane-coated technology

Schematic illustration of novel approaches for biomimetic precision antitumor strategies based on biological membrane-coated inorganic nanoparticlesInorganic nanoparticles have extensively revolutioni....



MedComm | ENKUR recruits FBXW7 to ubiquitinate and degrade MYH9 and further suppress MYH9-induced deubiquitination of β-catenin to block gastric cancer metastasis

ENKUR inhibits MYH9 expression by recruiting the E3 ubiquitin ligase FBXW7 to promote its protein ubiquitinated degradation. Downregulated MYH9 further increased the degradation of β-catenin protein b....