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MedComm is a peer-reviewed, online open access (OA) journal. The journal publishes a wide variety of works that provide novel insights into all aspects of medicine on the basis of novelty, timeliness



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Molecular Biomedicine is a peer-reviewed, online open access (OA), multidisciplinary journal that publishes the pioneer works of biomedicine, emphasizing on pathogenic mechanism and innovative


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Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy is an open access journal, which aims to accomplish timely publication of the latest discoveries and progress in both basic science and clinical research



MedComm | M2-like macrophage-derived exosomes facilitate metastasis in non-small-cell lung cancer by delivering integrin αVβ3

A high integrin αVβ3 level is associated with non-small-cell lung cancer metastasis and a poor prognosisMetastasis is the most prevalent cause of cancer deaths, and immunological components of the tum....



MedComm | Targeting inorganic nanoparticles to tumors using biological membrane-coated technology

Schematic illustration of novel approaches for biomimetic precision antitumor strategies based on biological membrane-coated inorganic nanoparticlesInorganic nanoparticles have extensively revolutioni....



MedComm | ENKUR recruits FBXW7 to ubiquitinate and degrade MYH9 and further suppress MYH9-induced deubiquitination of β-catenin to block gastric cancer metastasis

ENKUR inhibits MYH9 expression by recruiting the E3 ubiquitin ligase FBXW7 to promote its protein ubiquitinated degradation. Downregulated MYH9 further increased the degradation of β-catenin protein b....



MedComm | Role of protein phosphorylation in cell signaling, disease, and the intervention therapy

Schematic diagram of protein phosphorylation signaling pathway of protein kinase A, G, and C (AGC)-receptor guanylate cyclase (RGC) groupProtein phosphorylation is an important post-transcriptional mo....



MedComm | Integrated analyses of brain and platelet omics reveal their common altered and driven molecules in Alzheimer's disease

The altered brain and platelet key proteins and their network linkage in AD patients.Platelets may serve as a perfect peripheral source for exploring diagnostic biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease (AD)....



MedComm | Small molecule inhibitors targeting the cancers

Mechanisms of secondary resistance of small molecule inhibitors and countermeasuresCompared with traditional therapies, targeted therapy has merits in selectivity, efficacy, and tolerability. Small mo....