SCIMEA CDQI—The Second Session (Central Sichuan Meeting) of Academic Meetings on Standardization of Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation Held Successfully

In order to further promote stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation in China, “SCIMEA CDQI—The Second Session (Central Sichuan Meeting)


West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University Launches a Fetal Medicine Platform

With the introduction of the two-child and the recent three-child policies in China, the proportion of older pregnant and lying-in women will increase dramatically, which will lead to a higher inciden....


SCIMEA Successfully Completed Its Evaluation of Social Organization

On the afternoon of May 26, an expert panel for social organization evaluation from the Department of Civil Affairs of Sichuan Province visited Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion


SCIMEA Sets up the Special Committee on Trauma and Orthopedics

In order to further promote the development of trauma medicine and improve the trauma treatment in Sichuan province to gradually reach the advanced trauma treatment level in developed countries,


2021 West China International Academic Week of Perioperative Medicine

On May 21-22, 2021, the annual academic event of perioperative medicine of anesthesiology was held in the beautiful city of Chengdu.


International Authoritative Journal Publishes China's Anesthesiologists' Original Theory of “Multimodal Sleep”

The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, the official publication of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, has recently published a new concept of insomnia treatment—Multimodal Sleep (MMS)


The 16th Nephrology Forum of West China Hospital of Sichuan University and the Annual Meeting of the Special Committee on Nephrology of SCIMEA Successfully Held

In order to further develop the nephrology in Sichuan province and western China and strengthen the academic exchange among medical institutions,


Two More “Unicorns” Born in Chengdu High-tech Zone!

Two More “Unicorns” Born in Chengdu High-tech Zone!Source: Subscription Account of SCIMEA in Chengdu High-tech Zone. Your contributions are always welcomed here.On April 27, the Great Wall Enterprise ....


The 9th National Academic Forum on Translational Medicine for Major Respiratory Diseases Successfully Held in Chengdu

To further promote basic and clinical research on respiratory diseases, the 9th National Academic Forum on Translational Medicine for Major Respiratory Diseases,