SCIMEA and GDCC Medical Translation Cooperation Symposium and Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony Held Successfully


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In order to screen out and promote biomedical projects with development potential globally, on the morning of August 6, 2021, a delegation of five people from Global Drug Commercialization Center (GDCC) which is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada paid a visit to Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association (SCIMEA) on invitation. The delegation consisted of Jesson Chen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quark Venture LP, Jiang Chenguang, Chief Operating Officer of Quark Venture LP, Leo L. Han, General Manager of GDCC (China), Wei Wei, General Manager of the Administration Department of GDCC (China), and Han Yuechen, Project Director of the Biomedical Department of GDCC (China), Secretary General Zhang Mengfan of SCIMEA and relevant department heads met with the guests and under the same development vision, the two sides discussed in depth their respective advantages and cooperation intentions, and concluded a strategic cooperation contract on the spot.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Zhang Mengfan, Secretary General of SCIMEA, firstly expressed her sincere welcome to the GDCC delegation, and briefly introduced the SCIMEA to the guests, indicating SCIMEA’s attitude of inclusive and win-win cooperation. SCIMEA will actively screen out high quality biopharmaceutical projects for GDCC, create good cooperation opportunities and provide great service support.

Jesson Chen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quark Venture LP, then briefly introduced the basic information of the Global Drug Commercialization Center(GDCC), and mentioned that the GDCC, as the world's leading biopharmaceutical translation and commercialization center, has the world's top experimental facilities and scientist team, and is always committed to picking out the groundbreaking innovative technology projects from the biopharmaceutical project identification system all over the world and promoting project R&D and commercialization through diversified capital operation. He believed that with the support of SCIMEA's high quality resources, the two parties will be able to hold hands in various fields.

Leo L. Han, General Manager of GDCC (China), also added at the meeting that the GDCC (China), which was established in Chengdu in 2017, is also the first overseas branch of GDCC, and will base in Chengdu—a fertile land for biopharmaceutical development, to focus on the value enhancement and commercialization of selected biopharmaceutical projects in China. Besides providing strong financial support for high quality biopharmaceutical projects in Sichuan province, GDCC (China) will also actively promote in-depth cooperation between Sichuan’s pharmaceutical enterprises and research institutions and world-renowned pharmaceutical companies, so as to shorten the industrialization process of R&D results by bringing in or taking out high quality technology projects through platform operation.

The signing ceremony not only showcased the advantageous resources of both parties in the field of biomedicine and their respective vision for the development of biomedical industry in the globalization strategy, but also indicated that both parties will work together to deepen the consumption scenario before and after hospital admission, and build a platform to push for in-depth cooperation in project technology transformation, medical culture exchange and promotion, vocational education and other sub-discipline areas, thus boosting the rapid and sound development of the biomedical industry in Sichuan province. 

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Zhang Mengfan, Secretary General of SCIMEA, and Mr. Jesson Chen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quark Venture LP and a member of the delegation of GDCC, with a common vision, successfully signed the documents and took a group photo in a friendly atmosphere.