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—About Global Medical Innovation Hub—

Global Medical Innovation Hub (GMIH, an international medical innovation service platform) was initiated by Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association (SCIMEA), which is chaired by Wei Yuquan, Director of the Cancer Center and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy at West China Hospital, Sichuan University and an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, aiming to integrate global medical innovation technology industrial resources and build a service based resource platform for transformation of scientific and technological achievements in medical and health fields. Here you can find the world's most cutting-edge science and technology, the top scientists, the most experienced industrial incubation veterans and the most professional industrial service team.

We are committed to promoting the value transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the medical and health field with a global perspective and establishing a global medical innovation service platform. Through professional project evaluation, diversified incubation operation, and extensive investment matchmaking, we aim to realize the value transformation of cutting-edge science and technology, enhance the value of projects, and build a bridge between technology and market.

Project matchmaking and release

For technology demanders, our professional team can help you reach out to innovative companies, technology holders and research teams in the medical and health field from home and abroad (including Japan, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark) according to your technology, achievement and patent needs, and find you the most suitable solution.

For technology releasers, our professional team will assist you in systematically releasing information about your technology achievements, matching your projects with companies and investors in a more efficient and precise manner, and accelerating the commercialization of your technology achievements.

Business matchmaking and consultation

GMIH (an international medical innovation service platform) provides customized consulting services for clients, including: technology consulting services (led by academician Wei Yuquan, with expert think tank members from the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy at Sichuan University and renowned experts from home and abroad in related fields); technology evaluation services (bringing together scientists, clinical experts and industry experts to provide customers with the most accurate technology evaluation); intellectual property services (patent transactions and ownership inquiries); fintech services (diversified financial support to help medical health research development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements); policy consulting services (regional biopharmaceutical-related policies, industrial park’s preferential policy information consulting); channel development services (helping make contact with  channel partners in the target region for business); research and clinical services (helping carry out clinical trials or various horizontal projects with medical institutions); international consulting services (international resource matchmaking, international policy consulting and international market consulting) and other business services (business planning, negotiation assistance, legal consulting, document writing, conference organization and surveys & visits).

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